How to Crochet a Dress - The Most Romantic Crochet Dress 😍 Video Tutorial

How to Crochet a Dress - The Most Romantic Crochet Dress 😍 Video Tutorial

Are you looking for a romantic and quick to make crochet dress? I have the best one for you!

When I was planning to crochet this dress, first I wanted you all to decide on the style, and you have chosen a sweater dress, in which I was very happy about. After the chosen style I wanted to crochet something very easy with a lot of character, and I came out with this beautiful romantic and rustic crochet dress. When I see it reminds me of a romantic country movie, hehe ❤️

Video tutorial: How to Crochet a Dress | Sweater Dress | Beginner friendly Tutorial anyone can do! - YouTube

Here are some tips to crochet the dress:

1. Measurements
Measurements are very important when creating a crochet project, I am always measuring my project for you guys as I know how helpful it is and very easy to understand. Before I started the dress I had the idea of what I wanted to crochet plus all the measurements, so it made everything easier from the beginning.
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Here I have all the measurements and sketch I did so you guys can have an idea of what you can do.
I came with 2 ways you could crochet the dress both very easy ways. First idea, measuring the widest part of your body and dividing by two, which mine was 49 cm for the front and back. The second idea, wearing jeans or any other bottoms, using the sewing on the sides you will measure the front and back of your hip circumference, mine was 43 cm for the front and 55 cm for the back.
After having this measurements you will start crocheting your dress, if you chosen the first option you will crochet straight up until your armpit both the front and back of the dress, if you chose the second option you will crochet the front straight up until your armpit and the back you will create some decreases after the hips so it goes in on the waist, and then you can just continue crocheting the rest of the dress.
2. Decreases and Increases
Crocheting the dress and putting everything together will be the easiest part, after having all the measurements or a dress that you can follow. Every time I am crocheting I try to have an item of clothing that I can follow where there are decreases or increases since when I have started crochet I use this method and it helped me a lot.
Where you should decrease and increase in this project? If you don't really like crocheting with increases and decreases, with this project you can definitely crochet without any decreases or increases. If you are, you will need to decrease on the armpit for only 6 rows and should be enough for any size you are crocheting. In the round neck, 5 rows with single crochets where your neck will be when you reach the top of the dress depending what you are doing this part. Sleeves, you will start from the wrist all the way up, you will increase after around 7 cm, you will create around 3/5 increases, you will need to measure your arms or follow a top with long sleeves, you will start to increase again after around 42 cm, when you reach your armpit, and here you will increase until you fit the top of the sleeves around your shoulders. Turtle neck, you can also decrease some rows when you create the turtle neck, but bare in mind that you need to have room for your head, so don't do very tight.

More pictures of this project:

Bruna xx

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