Summer Yarn Crochet Haul From

Summer Yarn Crochet Haul From

Hello sunflowers! 🌻 In this post, you will find my latest summer yarn haul from Tessiland!

Tessiland website:

I also have the video on YouTube where I show all the yarn and things I got:

Items in this haul:

IggyGhost California Grammi 50

Iggy Giallo Grammi 50
Iggy Nocciola Grammi 50
Iggy Beige Grammi 50
Iggy Bianco Grammi 50
Donny Beige Grammi 100
Amanda 5 Tortora Grammi 100
AmandaSfumato 5 Giallo Grammi 80
Splash Tabacco Gr 50
Frida Margarita Grammi 50

And that's all for the haul, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below! Happy crochet!

Love you all!

Bruna xx
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