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Crochet Poinsettia Flower Pot Coaster Set Written Pattern, Brunaticality

Crochet Poinsettia Flower Pot Coaster Set Written Pattern, Brunaticality

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*This is NOT the actual item! THIS IS A CROCHET WRITTEN PATTERN PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD TO MAKE THE COASTER*. Instant download items don’t accept returns, refunds, exchanges or cancellations.

A Poinsettia flower pot that turns into coasters! The Sunflower Plant Pot Coaster Set by Brunaticality.

What's included in the PDF file:
Coaster Written Pattern
Coaster Pattern Chart
Plant Pot Written Pattern
Plant Pot Pattern Chart

I have this pattern also as a video tutorial on YouTube too if you need extra help with it:

3.5mm and 5mm

Coasters Yarn:
Fine/No 2
Colour A - Brown
Colour B - Yellow
Colour C - Red
Colour D - Green

Yarn used for the pattern:
Iggy, Tessiland, 100% cotton

Pot yarn:
Colour E - Silver
3mm cord - Polyester and Polyamide Rope
or Worsted/Aran cotton yarn

Cord used for the pattern:
Thai Sublime, Tessiland, Polyester and Polyamide Rope

Darning needle

Amount of yarn used:
Iggy (coaster) - 10g per coaster
Thai Sublime (pot) - 15g

Skill level: Advanced Beginner

Project length: Max 3 hours

This pattern is written using US terms.

This is beginner friendly pattern. You will see that the pattern is written in a easer way to understand so that all level crocheters can crochet using this pattern.

Watermark is added to all my photos and pages across the pattern as I had many issues with people using my patterns and reposting them to make money on top of my hard work, so unfortunately, I have to take this action into my patterns so people will not be using my work without my permission. Thank you for understanding.

Selling the finished product:
I do allow selling the completed project in your shop, NOT MASS PRODUCE IT (For small businesses only!), all I ask is to credit me (@brunaticality) as the creator of the pattern. Please do not sell the written pattern as yours, do not change the pattern name, do not sell the written pattern on any other platform, and do not copy the tutorial on YouTube as that's what I already do. All I want is to help my small business followers to add more items to their shop and help them to grow and be successful!

Kindly message me with any questions!
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